Reality check.

I’m very lucky that during COVID I have been able to work from home and send my 3 year old to my mum’s place instead of to day care, and my 7 year old is pretty self sufficient. My entire workplace is working from home so there is some understanding about workload and juggling family responsibilities. Sometimes I work late at night to catch up but that’s absolutely fine because that’s the trade off for an interrupted workday.

Below is a pretty close look at the realities when everyone is home. Maybe you can relate. Except I actually have a wonderful boss.

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Not Good Enough

I do love a bit of cold revenge. Enjoy!

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Questions for this guy on a Wednesday morning. Enjoy.

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Just a little kindness

A small heart-warming story for your Wednesday. Enjoy,

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In the shade of the Willow tree

“Do you think that trees have feelings?” Gloria said, stretching her long legs up the trunk of a weeping willow. The stark paleness against the tree made them look like they were painted with clown make up, but that was just Gloria, as pale as the day was long.

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A little snippet of family fiction. Enjoy.

The incandescent sheen on the bubbles always reminded her that life was fragile, precious, just like the delicate surface on each tiny globe winking back at her from the sink. A task she had done hundred of times, washing up. Doing the dishes, scrubbing a stray fork or cup, and the repetitive but important job of cleaning and sterilising the baby bottles every day.

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Giving up but not letting go.

A little something for all those times we didn’t think our writing was good enough…

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First Christmas

I’m feeling very festive and so are my characters. The below is a short story that happens after the end of my first novel, In the Between. It’s written from the perspective of the main character Layla’s boyfriend, Brian. This is the first time I’ve written from his perspective. It was fun and a nice break from my heavy editing of late.

It’s a little soppy and very daytime Christmas TV movie, but it had to be done.

So enjoy and Merry Christmas.

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Guardians of Darkness

I have had a much better week this week. Motivation is high and your encouraging words from last week have prompted me to release a little bit of a short story that I’ve finished.

This excerpt is from my first science fiction short story – Guardians of Darkness, it is currently out with a journal for consideration.

Enjoy. All comments and critiques welcome.

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