Who am I to write this?

Writers have a responsibility to challenge readers. This can be interpreted however you like and it depends on the genre you write and medium you choose to deliver it in. I write creative fiction and some of this fiction is based on true stories, albeit I’ve taken creative license with it. But where does my authority come from? Who gives me the authority to write about things that are not my life experience?

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To Kill Your Darlings.

As a writer I get satisfaction from making readers fall into my character’s world. To experience their highs and lows, their laughter and sadness. There’s something I love even more though, and that’s to make a reader love a character and then I kill them.

dre vil.gif

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Being Brave.


This week I hit 200 followers! Yayyyy!!! Fist pump! This little blog about my incessant ramblings on writing has 200 people following it with varying degrees of interest in what I have to say. Which is odd and frightening, completely overwhelming but truly welcome.

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Hairy Stories.

This morning I looked over my blog notes. I make these so I can remind myself what I’m going to write to you good people about. I came to the next item on my list: “Why does it take so long to write a hairy story?” Well the answer is, that a hairy story takes longer because you have to shave it first. Get it?! Ha. Ha. I know, it’s bad.

Hairy Joke.gif

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You little ripper! The beauty of the Australian Language

G’day. This arvo I’m going to write about a bonza part of Aussie life. Stralian slang. Or as we like to call it, English.


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Blogger Appreciation Award


I want to say a huge thank you to K.D. Dowdall at Midnight In The Garden https://karendowdall.com

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Liebster Award # 3

Liebster 3.jpg

Hello Folks. Today is going to be an award day. I have two awards rattling around that have taken me far too long to participate in. The first one is my nomination for The Liebster Award. Now, I love me an award that makes me give some information away, that you might not otherwise get from my rambling musings that make up my  blog posts.

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Ah, my old archenemy… Titles

There are times when I think I’m pretty awesome. I can get an idea for a short story or a novel and belt out the crux of the story within a week. I love turning a phrase, putting readers through twists and turns and making tears soak the page (sometimes they’re just my own). Why, oh why then do I have such trouble with choosing a title?

When your arch nemesis walks into the room - Imgur.gif

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Once upon a time…

I warned you. Last week there was a clear warning about this fairy tale rant. So feel free to look away now…

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Writers! What a bunch of jerks!

I’ve been watching a lot of kid’s movies lately. Miss 2 has discovered the joys of watching Frozen on repeat. Oh. The. Joys. What I’ve noticed is that every movie I put on for her, someone dies in the first 30 minutes. I get it. Death is a fact of life, people die. So I put on The Lion King – dead Father; Nemo – dead mother and siblings; Big Hero 6 – dead brother; Hotel Transylvania – dead mother. You get the picture: dead, dead, dead. Writers, what a bunch of jerks! Yep, I’m one too.

lion king

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