Moonlit Walk

It was the same route she took every day. Through the children’s park, over the mulched walkway and out onto the road. She was never frightened when she would have to work back and walk home late, the moon high in the sky and the soil soft underfoot. Her friends always told her to look over her shoulder, to watch for the things hiding in the dark.

But they didn’t know what she was capable of. Those that she shared the daylight hours with didn’t know that she was the thing in the dark. She was the monster under the bed.

Of course, she would never tell them, the only people who knew what she was were far away, and the predators who thought they could take advantage of a lonely small woman walking through a park after dark. She might be ‘other’ but she wasn’t a monster, she only killed those that preyed on the weak.

Over the centuries they had called her different things, but tonight the man she left behind in the toilet block, who thought that a rag soaked in chloroform would subdue her, he called her ‘vampire.’

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I can’t seem to move on from creepiness. Hope you don’t mind… Enjoy!

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Saving Lives.

It’s been a few weeks, but I have some content up my sleeve and I’ve also been working on a new trilogy. But I do miss posting something weekly. I’ll have to get back into the swing of things.


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Come play with me.

Hello! I’m back. This pregnancy is mucking me around a whole lot so not much writing or reading lately, but I’ll get there soon, hopefully.

A short story below for the season. We don’t have a huge Halloween culture in Australia, but I love an excuse to dress up and eat my daughter’s lollies.


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I don’t know why these people think they can control me. I am the top of the food chain. The ultimate predator. I eat mice for breakfast.

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Come By Chance

The sound of the hive was soothing. The drone of the bees busily doing their lifes work was a constant reminder that he could provide for himself, that never again would he be reliant on someone else to feed him.

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Judgement Day

She didn’t think of herself as a judgmental person. She didn’t participate in Mummy shaming or tearing down people because they were wearing the wrong colour nail polish with their summer dress. She was even less judgmental if that nail polish was chipped.

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Full Moon

There was always a full moon now, and I can’t remember a time when there was a crescent moon, or even no moon at all. It had been too many years.

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Mistaken identity.

Just a small personal note before I jump into this short story. I have been largely absent from reading and commenting on everyone’s fantastic posts because I am 17 weeks into my second pregnancy! Yay! But also *sad face* because I’m so nauseous I can barely look at my phone or computer. As soon as it clears you won’t be able to get rid of me!

On with the story. So awkward, but so good. Enjoy.

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The darkness.

This little bit of flash fiction came as I was writing my fantasy novel. It is just a little bit of backstory that came to me. It stands alone. Enjoy.

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