Just an ordinary day, then.

Back to the fiction! This little piece was inspired by (many) mornings when I am late for work.

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Power Hungry

mr burns.gif

Last night I got power hungry. Not just a little bit either, I’m talking take over the World power hungry.

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Fading light.

This short story is again, about death. Not scary, just a little sad. I really need to move on from this topic.

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Hello, Twenty Two.

Another one that gave me goosebumps as I wrote it. Part of this story actually happened to me. I’ll let you wonder about which part.

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Imaginary Friend.

I’ve been writing about death a bit lately. Not sure why? But I’ll post it as it comes. Enjoy

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It’s the end of the World, and I feel fine.

This whole writing fiction every week, isn’t as frightening as I thought it would be.

Latest piece below.

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