Reality check.

I’m very lucky that during COVID I have been able to work from home and send my 3 year old to my mum’s place instead of to day care, and my 7 year old is pretty self sufficient. My entire workplace is working from home so there is some understanding about workload and juggling family responsibilities. Sometimes I work late at night to catch up but that’s absolutely fine because that’s the trade off for an interrupted workday.

Below is a pretty close look at the realities when everyone is home. Maybe you can relate. Except I actually have a wonderful boss.

“Mum! Can’t find hook on truck?”

He wandered over with the little red tow truck, holding it out in chubby, sticky fingers.

“In a sec, darling. I’m just trying to get this thing off. I’ve got a deadline.”

“Hook. Stuck on wheel.”

“Ah huh.” She furiously typed on the keyboard, hoping that she could beat the clock and get the piece out before her boss called asking where it was. Again.

“Mummmm!” The little red head squealed close enough to make her cringe.

She ignored him and kept going.

“Mum!” Another called from further in the house. “Can you wipe my bum!?”

“Hold on.” She called back, and saved the article.

“Now Mum! My butt is cold.”

“Hook on wheel!”

Her phone started ringing, it was her boss. She hit ignore. Took the truck and got the hook unstuck. Wiped the bum. Then locked herself and her laptop in the cupboard under the stairs.

“Spell check. Send”

She called her boss back.

“It’s done.”

“Finally.” He said, curtly. “I don’t’ understand why it’s so difficult. My wife is working from home full time and looking after our 2 kids.”

“Mark, if that’s the case I suggest you take her home a bunch of flowers, takeaway and a bottle of wine, because I’m sure she’s not okay either.”

She hung up.


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