You little ripper! The beauty of the Australian Language

G’day. This arvo I’m going to write about a bonza part of Aussie life. Stralian slang. Or as we like to call it, English.


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Blogger Appreciation Award


I want to say a huge thank you to K.D. Dowdall at Midnight In The Garden

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Liebster Award # 3

Liebster 3.jpg

Hello Folks. Today is going to be an award day. I have two awards rattling around that have taken me far too long to participate in. The first one is my nomination for The Liebster Award. Now, I love me an award that makes me give some information away, that you might not otherwise get from my rambling musings that make up my  blog posts.

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Ah, my old archenemy… Titles

There are times when I think I’m pretty awesome. I can get an idea for a short story or a novel and belt out the crux of the story within a week. I love turning a phrase, putting readers through twists and turns and making tears soak the page (sometimes they’re just my own). Why, oh why then do I have such trouble with choosing a title?

When your arch nemesis walks into the room - Imgur.gif

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Once upon a time…

I warned you. Last week there was a clear warning about this fairy tale rant. So feel free to look away now…

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