Dreams and severed fingers

I’ve been thinking a lot about my inspiration for the stories that I have written and the stories to come. It’s surprising how many of my ideas come from random and unexpected sources and experiences. Like severed fingers.

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Inspiration, is that you?

I have just finished a fantastic book by an Australian Author, Hannah Kent called Burial Rites. It is so different from the fiction that I usually read and it got me thinking about inspiration. I have heard lots of artists of all mediums talk about inspiration. Where it comes from? Where it leads them? Then where it vanishes to?

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The Art of Nothing

Writers block

Writer’s block is environmentally friendly

Writer’s block. Everyone gets it and all writers have to deal with it at some point. I don’t mean just authors or amateur writers. You can get writer’s block typing an email to a friend or working on a report. I get it a lot more when I’m working on something I don’t want to write. Sometime I get ideas on the page and then I hate it. Scribble everything out and start again. It could also be work that I’ve finished, but hate everything about it – the style, tone and message.

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Sun, Moon and Stars

I had a strange realisation over the weekend. I was drawing with my two year old and I was working hard on a mountain scene straight from The Sound of Music. Of course it ended up looking like a smooch of green, yellow and blue because well, I can’t draw. Anyway, I was working away with the crayons when she pulled the paper out from under me and threw it down the stairs. A little dramatic, it wasn’t that bad. I asked her why she threw it away because I had worked so hard on it.

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Horlock’s Magnificent Gypsy Circus

“Psst!” Rod hissed through the heavy canvas tent. “Mila. Come on!”

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