What’s in a name?

After the wonderful response I got from my posts Man Meet’s World and What a Mistake!, I decided to write the conversation I had with my characters about renaming them?


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Does anyone really care about what I write? I’m not searching for appreciation or validation. I am just wondering. I mean, does it really matter if I finish my books or even this blog post.

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Sunshine Blogger Award


You guys know that I love my awards! Not only does it give my introverted self a chance to peek out from under my doona but it also helps me connect with people who may not usually duck into my neck of the woods.

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What a Mistake!

So, I made a big mistake. Huge, apparently when it comes to naming characters!

Face palm


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The Lovely Blog Award



A big thank you to Deepina at The Untraceable Girl  for nominating me for the Lovely Blog Award!

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The Liebster Award #2

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Man meets World.

“Hello. My name is Andy and I’m a 23 year old law student and I have severe reservations about the woman writing this.”

hate you

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How do you do it? Write… that is.

I have a bad habit. Well, I have many bad habits, but my biggest ‘writing’ bad habit is working on too many things at once. I write and write and write and then stop and start something else while working on that first project. multitasking

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Three Quotation Challenge

I was nominated for this quotation challenge by Charles over at Charles French Words Reading and Writing Continue reading