Write! Write, you fool!


This year I want to write more. Which sounds ridiculously stupid to me, because I work on my writing about three hours every day. It might not sound like much, but when you have a full-time job and family commitments, that three hours is hard won and I really have to fight to make time to do it. Continue reading

When everything just clicks.

Most of my characters are pure fiction. I grow them in the small and scary part of my brain, where even I hesitantly open the rusty, squeaky gates to let out the next teeth gnashing, bloody monstrosity.


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New Year’s Resolution


I’ve been thinking a lot about new year resolutions, as I’m sure many of you have at this time of year. No one ever makes mid-year resolutions, it’s always something that starts in January and is usually forgotten by the time Australia Day rolls around – in late January. Usually my resolutions involve eating well, exercising more and generally improving myself. Considering that hasn’t worked for the last 32 years, this year I’m going to try something new.

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