Treasure Hunt.

A small cheeky piece of fiction. Enjoy.

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New Life.

She stood on the platform with her suitcase. This was going to be a new beginning, she thought as she shoved her hands deep into her coat pockets. The heavy thing was a gift from her last boyfriend, the one she had just left sleeping in bed.

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Into the forest.

The forest with its deep muted greens, the creamy browns and glossy blues was always my home. The smell of the damp leaves and the sounds of small creatures scurrying around, finding something to eat was relaxing. Their connection to nature, the Earth, was the same as mine.

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Going through the motions

Her eyes ached and her arms felt like lead. The skin on her fingers where her pen had rested for the past three hours, was sweaty and a blister was forming, the fluid filling the swollen bubble.

She looked over the pages she had written for her final exam. If she passed this then she wouldn’t be the failure that everyone told her she would be. This degree would mean something to the world.

It’s a pity it meant nothing to her.

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Photo by Ryan McGilchrist via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons