Writers! What a bunch of jerks!

I’ve been watching a lot of kid’s movies lately. Miss 2 has discovered the joys of watching Frozen on repeat. Oh. The. Joys. What I’ve noticed is that every movie I put on for her, someone dies in the first 30 minutes. I get it. Death is a fact of life, people die. So I put on The Lion King – dead Father; Nemo – dead mother and siblings; Big Hero 6 – dead brother; Hotel Transylvania – dead mother. You get the picture: dead, dead, dead. Writers, what a bunch of jerks! Yep, I’m one too.

lion king

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Dive in! The pool is full of… er honey.

I find that I’m always trying to race ahead. That I can’t get to my destination quick enough and that my goals are out of reach, even though I’m pumping my little legs as hard as they’ll go. Most of the time it feels like I’m swimming through honey while the rest of the world moves at double speed.

Mud swim.gif

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Where do you do it?

In the last six months or so I have committed to this writing business. Plugging away on my laptop or scribbling away on one of my numerous notepads. It made me think about where I write and where other people write. Even if it’s just planning and writing your blog posts (If you can write your posts on the fly, then I salute you!)


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Am I Missing Something? Are You?

So, this is one of those blog posts that I had to check whether or not it was insulting to my husband. He doesn’t think so, which means I am sharing it with all of you.


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