Uninvited Guest

Hey there! A little creepy start to your Wednesday. Enjoy!

It was the little things at first. The door that was open when I was sure I had shut it. The water turning on in the bathroom, even though I hadn’t been in there. Then things started to go missing.

My car keys.

The antique vase in the foyer.

My cat, Dave. Although Dave always ran away, eventually he would turn up.

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It all started with History.

It is nice to get back into the rhythm of writing and posting. Enjoy this short and sweet bit of fiction.

Casey was fifteen. He had floppy blonde hair that fell in his eyes. He had to flick his whole head to see, but the errant strands still hid his green eyes. They weren’t all green, they had flecks of brown and hazel scattered in them. Jennifer didn’t know what was worse, that she could stare at him for hours when he wasn’t looking, or that she couldn’t look at him for more then a few seconds when he did turn to her.

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I’m Back.

Hey WordPress. It’s been a while.

Over a year – I think – give or take. It was never my intention to stay away this long. Things got on top of me, and I became overwhelmed. COVID changed how we lived overnight, and like many of you I had to switch gears and learn how to carry on in the new normal.

In Australia we have been incredibly lucky. Our lives at the moment are almost back to normal. I can travel into the office, the kids are back at school and I feel like I have a handle on what’s required of me. I was also incredibly grateful to remain employed and work from home. It’s more then other people have. Most importantly we have been healthy.

I didn’t stop writing, and in the back of my mind I kept thinking that I have to get back here, for some semblance of normality. Do what I did before. So here I am.

I missed you.


As the inky blue pressed into the dark sky, slowly erasing the night, the stars disappearing as the sun peeled over the horizon. I breathed in the new day, the wet grass, the stinging cold, and closed my eyes to hear the distant call of a kookaburra. The hot ginger tea, warming my fingers, pressing against my palm and radiating delicious heat into my blood.

I understood the truth. That no matter how much I screamed and wailed against the universe. How much I dug my fingers into the dirt and prayed to any deity that would listen, that I wanted to stay here forever. But change is inevitable, I must embrace it or perish.

Photo by spurekar via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons