Guardians of Darkness

I have had a much better week this week. Motivation is high and your encouraging words from last week have prompted me to release a little bit of a short story that I’ve finished.

This excerpt is from my first science fiction short story – Guardians of Darkness, it is currently out with a journal for consideration.

Enjoy. All comments and critiques welcome.

They rounded a corner and the heavy doors of the war room appeared. It was completely impenetrable, a stronghold for when they would be attacked. And they would be. The ruling family on Qostov would not let them live as they had been. Sila scanned her palm and the doors opened. She expected her Father, but a contingent of foreign fighters stood in a circle around the resistance’s second in command and her step mother, Esperenza.

The man to the left looked up at her, as if he couldn’t help it. Her heart stopped. Those blue eyes, she knew them as well as her own. She drew her weapon and shot him in the shoulder before his men had time to react.

The blast knocked him backwards into the wall, where he slid to the floor leaving a satisfying red stripe in his wake, his soldiers scrambled for cover, she felt Aiden and Nandek covering her on either side.

“Stop. Sila!” Esperenza stepped in front of her.

“What’s he doing here?” Sila moved around her step mother, levelling her blaster at the piece of filth on the floor. He struggled up to his feet, his eyes on her and his left arm hanging loosely at his side, blood dripping off his fingertips.

“He came to us,” she said quickly.

Sila flicked her eyes in surprise to the woman, “Explain Essie. Now!”

“Si,” she put her hand on the barrel of Sila’s blaster, “Your Father’s been captured.”

Sila blinked and the air left the room. Blood thundered in her ears and she let Essie push her blaster down. Not him. Not her Father. He was untouchable. Strong and real, he wouldn’t have gone without a fight.

He moved, leaving another smear of blood along the white wall. Sila raised her weapon again.

“Move and I’ll kill you.”

He froze, but a small smile tipped his lips. “Hello Sila. Is this any way to greet your husband?”

Sila shot him again, this time in the stomach. He fell to the ground hard, clutching at his waist with his good arm.

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed it.

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19 thoughts on “Guardians of Darkness

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  3. Not all sci fi is my cup of tea. I could have kept on reading quite happily though. My question harks back to characters and titles more so, but what’s in a name? For me what stood out were the names as you would expect them to- unusual, not of this century/world/ etc so I was impressed with Sila, Essie, Esperenzo, Nandek, an indeed the place of Qostov. Aidan hit me like a tennis ball, mainly as it is also the name of a character on TV that I am currently watching… the name is not very glam or netherworldy for me lol. So I was curious. Saying that, I don’t know the whole story (or any of it) so he could be different to the others. You are a good, clean writer – more than good. I hope and expect great things for you.

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