Man meets World.

“Hello. My name is Andy and I’m a 23 year old law student and I have severe reservations about the woman writing this.”

hate you

Really, Andy? Really?! This is how my blog post is going to start. I’m making you break a leg or something. Urgh!

Well folks, I would like you all to meet Andrew Parker. *Andy rolls his eyes.* He is a character of mine that I have fallen in love with (although sometimes I wish I hadn’t). Not in a romantic sense, because Andy is gay and fictional but because I haven’t written about him for so long, I have fallen in love him all over again.

Andy’s book is the third in a new adult romance trilogy. The first book is call Stand By You and is focussed on Layla Michaels. A woman who escapes from an abusive relationship. The second book Stand With Me is focussed on Jay De Angelis who was Layla’s first love – not the abusive one. Andy’s book is call Stand Beside Me.

I can’t give too much away about that because it isn’t at a sharing stage, but I did want to share Andy. I’m sure every writer out there has a character that they love. I can’t even believe I thought of this guy. He has more courage and strength then anyone I have ever known. It is Andy that has driven me to write the third book.

I wrote Jay’s book pretty quickly (and I refer to them by the main character’s name because I didn’t have the titles when I was writing them and titles can always change between now and publication.) Jay breaks my heart, but since the book falls into the romance genre, he is guaranteed his happy ending, as was Layla. But Andy doesn’t want a happily ever after and as a writer that doesn’t work for me. I argued with him for a long time.

“Andy!” I said. “It’s romaaaance! You have to have a happy ending in this book!”

He just raises an eyebrow, “Not the kind of happy ending I’m after,” and goes back to reading the paper.

“Fine!” I throw his newspaper across the room. “Go ahead! Don’t participate! I will write this stupid book without you!” Still no reply, I storm out. We are very mature, can you tell?

I wrote another novel. Part of it was spite, because he is so stubborn and won’t be told what to do. I started this blog. I entered some writing competitions and have written a
Sci-Fi short story.


Well, just Andy today.

Then he came knocking one day. He wanted attention. No. I wasn’t ready. So he went back to his paper and I kept on writing. Trying not to think about him every day. When my husband asked why I was distracted I groaned and said “Andy is being difficult!” He just looks at me in that way, like my weirdo wife is talking to her imaginary friends, and goes back to whatever he was doing. I don’t know what he was doing because I’m arguing with the dude in my head.

Anyway. We compromised and I wrote a short story about Andy. He hated it, because everyone else got a novel. Serves him right for being so stubborn. I submitted it to a competition and I am waiting to hear how it went. By the way, Andy would love me to lose because he already told me it was bad. Apparently, I didn’t get enough of his snarky insults in. Well, he did punch a guy in the face. So he forgave me, a little.

Now I am ready to write Andy’s book and Andy is ready (finally!!!) to be involved. So let’s see what happens.

I would love to know that I am not the only one with character issues. Does anyone else do this? Or is it just me?

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27 thoughts on “Man meets World.

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  3. Very pleased to meet you. And Andy; I met Andy once in the back of my tiny pink mind and I thought he had a bit of depth to him. I’m glad your husband is understanding. I once wrote about a girlfriend who just appeared one night as a jumble of synapses but my significant other thought she was real and destruction followed. I’m glad you stumbled over me.

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      • Yay! I’m excited to see your answers!

        Haha It sounds fun, not scary! I hope I can cast aside insecurities and give fiction writing a try sometime. Developing characters seems like the hardest part to me. I feel like they’d all be the exact same.
        Maybe I’ll just try some exercises in my free time for fun sometime.

        Anyway, thanks for your fun blog and taking time to share a piece of yourself on here!

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  6. I love this! I think you should write a book about the relationship with the characters in your other books! I’m not sure which is funnier, your relationship woes with Andy or that your husband just goes on with his day. I hope you and Andy can work it out. Maybe couples counseling?

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  7. You know, I am about to date myself terribly, Lisa…I read this and was taken back about a million years to reading Agatha Christie’s autobiography. ( I know I still have the’s around here somewhere..should get it out and have another read…I LOVE reading other peoples’ lives in books!) She wrote about two of her main characters and what she was like as a writer…in one of her chapters, there was a dialogue much like what you’ve written here, between her and a character because in his opinion, she wasn’t writing him was hilarious to was this! I am glad “Andy’ is deciding to co-operate finally…characters are so demanding once they’ve been thought up into existence! lol! Many authors, and certainly critics will tell you that it is a sign of not only a natural born writer, but one who will attain what they want (fame included), that they talk to the characters they make up because the character becomes ‘real’ to them…these are the writers and authors that truly excel…and you are one of them..keep talking to him…I think we’ll be holding our breath until this one is out there and published! Katie.

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    • Wow! Katie, thank you. I am sitting here a little in shock by your kind words. When I can see my wavy screen again, I’ll keep typing. Alright. Yes, Andy is very real (unfortunately) and will not leave me alone. I just had to get him out into the world before his book is finished because he is annoyed I haven’t finished yet. lol. I think I will get myself a copy of Agatha Christie’s autobiography, she sound like my kind of woman. Also it is so nice to ‘meet’ you! Stay tuned, hopefully more to come.

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  8. Missy and Lacy (the twin girls I write about in Sky’s Falling) give me a fit from time to time, especially Missy. She is very vocal and does what she pleases. Lacy is quiet, a little more reserved, goes about doing what Missy wants to do. Sometimes, they give me headaches. LOL…

    Good luck with the short story competition!


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    • I love Missy and Lacy! I know what you mean though! Headaches, Oh Lordy! He hasn’t given me one of those yet, but I’m sure that’s only a matter of time! Thank you! Andy thought it was bad lol! If I lose I’ll post it up here anyway. Getting there Tre, slowly but surely.

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