Sunshine Blogger Award


You guys know that I love my awards! Not only does it give my introverted self a chance to peek out from under my doona but it also helps me connect with people who may not usually duck into my neck of the woods.

Thank you to Megs over at Midnight Musings with Megs for my Sunshine Blogger Award! Let’s all bask in my brilliance. No, I’m kidding! Go over and bask in Megs’s brilliance because she really is one of the most hilarious people I’ve ‘met!’ I’m sure she would be the first to admit that some of her musings are a little random…. like the squirrel who stalked her. But they are the type of posts that make me snort my tea through my nose because I am laughing so much! She is really that good!

The Guidelines:

1. Answer the eleven questions from the blogger who nominated you.
2. Nominate up to eleven wonderful bloggers and write eleven questions for them to answer.

Questions For Me

How did you come up with the name of your blog?
The name of my Blog is Lisa Lancaster Writer. Which probably doesn’t say much about my creative ability. I could of had Lisa Lancaster Acrobat and it would have had just the same amount of truth (I’m afraid of heights).

What is your favorite blog post that you’ve written?
Besides my first post – That Little Spark because it shot me right out of my comfort zone and introduced me to all you lovely people. I would have to say Man Meets World because it got one of my most beloved characters out into the big wide world. And you guy LIKED him!

What made you decide to start your blog?
I want to be a published writer, is the simple answer. The more in depth answer is that I have a community of creative people at my fingertips. People who post amazing and original work every day. Poems and flash fiction, short stories and chapters from their own books. Having that creative energy around makes me work hard and keeps me focussed on my end goal.

What is your favorite GIF and why?
Oh gosh. I’m a sucker for gifs! I’d have to go with this one starring Cary Elwes from Robin Hood Men In Tights. It was one of my favorite films growing up. This is me on most every days, when I have to talk to people.

Face palm

What is your favorite meme and why?
Oh, I love a good meme too. Especially Lord of the Rings memes. Poor, poor Boromir.

One Does Not Simply - one does not simply take this scene seriously anymore

What was the last text that you sent and received?
It was to my husband. He wanted to know when I was coming home because Miss 2 had done a number 3. If you don’t know what a number 3 is, then lucky you.

What actor should play the role of you in your Lifetime Movie?
Chris Hemsworth. What? Oh? Who would play me, and not my husband? Bugger, alright Rebel Wilson.

Where’s the most unique place you’ve visited? Interpret this however you feel (e.g., a tunnel under grandma’s house, the world’s largest frying pan, or a tiny town 15 miles away).
A small town in New South Wales called Come By Chance. By Husband’s distant relatives discovered it. Some of them are still farmers on the land. It is the most bizarre town. It has a main street that has maybe 3 shops on it. That includes a Post Office that is also the grocery shop and the pub. The other side of the street is the cemetery.

How do you eat an Oreo?
In a McFlurry. Does that count?

What was the worst haircut you ever got?
Not a haircut but I got a tight spiral perm when I was 16. Worst. Decision. Ever.

What is a word that you have difficulty saying OR people think you say strangely?
Ask. I know it’s simple right. But I pronounce it Arks or Arxs. People are always correcting me. I’ve said it since I was a kid and I’m not changing now. If you know what I’m saying then just let it go.

Questions for Nominees:

  1. Where do you get your ideas for your creative pursuits from?
  2. Favorite genre to read or write?
  3. Most useful piece of writing/creative advise?
  4. What is the hardest part of your creative outlet? Is it ideas? Motivation? etc.
  5. Do you listen to music when your write? Or do you prefer silence. Why?
  6. Things you would rather be doing right now? Don’t worry I’m not sensitive. I’d prefer to be eating the blueberry crumble in the fridge…
  7. Cats or Dogs? Or nothing with hair please?
  8. Favorite television show?
  9. How do you fit writing into your life?
  10. Where do you write?

My Nominees are: If you guys don’t ‘do’ awards or you already have it, I’m still nominating you because I think you are wonderful. No pressure to accept. 

These are blogs that I find myself going back to over and over because they make me think, learn, smile and laugh out loud!

I reckon I could easily go over 11 here, but I am going to stop at 6. Because 6 is my favorite number and also because I’m getting of the train.

Come on over and friend me on Facebook at Lisa Lancaster. 

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13 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

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  2. Aww! Thanks for your compliments!! You’re too sweet!

    Hehehe I didn’t really get into GIFs until I started writing my blog and now I love them, which is why I asked about it. I like the one you shared. 😃

    Thanks for participating! That was fun!!

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