Novel Except. In the Between

Below is an excerpt of one of my novel manuscripts: “In the Between.’ I’ve parked this one because it needs more work and time than I have to dedicate to it at the moment. It’s the first one I wrote, which means it’s the worst. I cringe when I read parts of it, but that’s all part of the learning process. I posted the excerpt below just so I don’t feel so bad neglecting it.

Warning: Swearing, sexual references. It’s a pretty raw scene towards the end of the book.

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I have to sleep where?

“What’s that smell?” She crinkled her nose and wiped her hands down the front of her jeans, she could feel the itch already, thank God she packed her antihistamine. There were so many bugs and who knows how many pollen spores out here.

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What a Mistake!

So, I made a big mistake. Huge, apparently when it comes to naming characters!

Face palm


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