Questions for this guy on a Wednesday morning. Enjoy.

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Mixing it up and posting a little later tonight. I’m completing a 6 month writing course on top of everything else. I must be mad! Excuse my tardiness.

This one made me tear up a little. Enjoy…

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A little creepy – but I’m sitting in a cafe people watching and this is what came to me.

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The Perfect Life.

A little melancholy story for your morning. Enjoy

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A small nostalgic piece. Enjoy.

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A little piece of longing and sadness. Enjoy.

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Not From Around Here

Enjoy this small romance to start the day.

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Just a little kindness

A small heart-warming story for your Wednesday. Enjoy,

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A bittersweet short story for your Wednesday morning. Enjoy!

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The Princess Motive.

Wow! It has been about a month since I posted anything. What a month it has been! My daughter Miss 4 has started primary school so I have been emotionally exhausted. Also in writing news, I am almost finished the second manuscript in my fantasy book! So while no short stories have been produced, at least I am actively writing.

Confession – I also haven’t been reading all of your wonderful blogs. I can’t wait to dive back in.

A short piece for your Wednesday afternoon.

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