That time of year.

Wow! It’s been a while between posts. I’m at the end of a 6 month novel program and have been loving every minute of it! My poor blog has taken a backseat. A little something I wrote while waiting 45 minutes for a package at the post office. I was in a not very Chrismassy mood….

If you celebrate it – then Merry Christmas! If not, then Happy Holidays.

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First Christmas

I’m feeling very festive and so are my characters. The below is a short story that happens after the end of my first novel, In the Between. It’s written from the perspective of the main character Layla’s boyfriend, Brian. This is the first time I’ve written from his perspective. It was fun and a nice break from my heavy editing of late.

It’s a little soppy and very daytime Christmas TV movie, but it had to be done.

So enjoy and Merry Christmas.

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