Sour grapes

Good morning! I hope it’s wonderful – well better then Vanessa is doing in the below bit of fiction.

Maree leant over the table, narrowly avoiding getting her hair in the guacamole and salsa. “Did you see Lena on TV last night?”

Vanessa snorted and drunk deeply from her margarita, the salt dusting her lips. “Yes. Who could miss her she was on every bloody channel?”

“I think it’s great, she worked so hard to get where she is.”

“Everyone knows she backstabbed and lied her way there, don’t be too congratulatory.”

Maree leant back in her chair and nibbled on the end of a corn chip. “You’re only saying that because she corrected you in English class one time. You’ve never forgiven her after that.”

“Yeah, well who cares if brang isn’t a word. I still say I brang my new handbag or I brang my phone. No one cares.”

“Maybe that’s why she’s running a billion-dollar company and you are still working at the makeup counter?”

“Shut up, Maree.” She had another long drink.

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Photo by rian0306 via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

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