A bit of flash fiction for our morning. Do you ever sit in a conversation and just wonder if everyone else is hearing the same thing as you are? Yeah? Me too.

This was embarrassing. Her guts churned and her cheeks heated, but he kept speaking. Spewing words that held no meaning – well not anymore.

What were words anyway?

Who decided they were important?

Who decided that this guy was important to have the focus of this room?

He sure as hell wasn’t qualified to speak on this. She had the experience, the talent, the ambition, but he knew the right people. Weaselled his way into the ‘in’ crowd and blocked her out.

His whispers into their ears on her ability, her capability, weaved into their minds so when they thought of her, they thought of him.

Today that was going to end. He was done. He just didn’t know it yet.

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Photo by UnorthodoxY via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

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