Wow! It’s been longer than I thought. I have been away still writing, but knee deep in novel work. It’s the first draft so while I love getting the ideas out of my head, at this point it looks like a blob of a kinda story that I need to spend time with. That’s all part of the fun. Enjoy this short fiction for your morning.

“I can’t believe she gave you Fire and Air! Those were supposed to be my gifts! She promised!”

Her brother followed behind her as they weaved their way through the dense forest. She lept up onto a fallen log, careful to avoid the slippery moss.

“I remember her telling me a century ago. ‘Siliak you will be rewarded with the gift of fire and air.’” She imitated their Mother’s voice in a high pitch that sent sparrows fleeing from the branch above her.

“Now I’m getting Earth and Air? What the hell am I supposed to do with a bit of rock? Chuck it at someone?”

Her brother held up a finger to speak but she continued, wiping the back of her nose with her sleeve. “Fire and air are so perfect, I would be feared and respected, the ability to desolate countries and flatten civilisations. Now I can cause a couple of earthquakes and tornados, big whoop.”

Her brother leapt over the fallen log and walked backwards away form her. “Maybe that’s why you didn’t get fire, you’re too volatile to control something so destructive.”

She clenched her fists together the ground shook. He tripped over and landed hard on his backside.

She smiled. “Maybe Earth isn’t so bad after all.”

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Photo by Shan Sheehan via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

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