Short and sweet. Happy Wednesday.

“Hey boy. Are you okay?” I held out my hand so the little thing could sniff it. I wasn’t sure it was a dog at first, it looked more like a matted ball of wool.

The cement footpath cut into my knees as I leaned forward, moving closer to sewage pit. “I won’t hurt you.”

A wet nose nudge my hand, then it retreated quickly. I didn’t move and eventually it came forward, its long nails clicking on the cement.

I took off my hoodie slowly so as not to spook it and scooped it up so only its little face peeked out. I cradled it under one arm, and gently pushed the long fur out of its crusty eyes. “Come on, little one. I’ve got you.”

The puppy cuddled deeper into the makeshift bed and almost sighed. “I’m going to call you, Barney. Let see if the vet is open.”

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Photo by Gareth Williams via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

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