The Colony

It’s not every day your friendly neighbourhood aliens come for a visit. Enjoy.

She dipped her hands into the cool pool of black stuff. It was viscous and almost sucked her finger into its depths. She yanked her hand back and fell on her bum, the wet grass seeping in through her jeans.

She held her hand up to the sun. The black sludge meandered down her wrist to pool at the crease of her elbow. The inky fluid shone in rainbow patterns as the light hit it.

“What are you doing?” Her brother called from the garage.

She wanted to yell back that he should mind his own business, but her lips were stuck together.

“What the hell is that?” Her brother yelled, but he sounded like he was underwater.

She couldn’t see where the black goo was anymore, but it left a wet trail as it entered her ear, and wriggled itself until it was inside her head.

Her vision changed. Rainbow waves clouded her vision, and her brother was a kaleidoscope of spheres and oblongs moving in sync.

“Welcome.” A voice inside her head said. “You have been chosen as a host. Our colony will be arriving shortly.”

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Photo by Judy Schmidt via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

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