The Coffee Man

Everyone has a bad day sometimes. Enjoy

What am I doing here?

“Come on!” the woman in the white suit, sitting in her Range Rover shouted through the open drive-thru window.

What was the order again? A large, soy, half foam, decaf, latte with sugar-free caramel syrup and chocolate curls on top.

“Sorry. I’m coming.” He shook the white chocolate curls on top of the coffee. If this could be called coffee.

I have a doctorate for Pete’s sake. Why am I working making coffee?

He handed the woman the coffee, but she started to drive off before he could let the cup go. It tipped out of his hand and poured all over the lady’s crisp white suit.

She screamed.

He took off his name badge and walked out the front door.

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Photo by Jeremy Keith via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

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