Happy New Year! I’m back! In December and January I took some time out to be with my family and just enjoy them. Without guilt of not writing, and without worrying that I would lose this voice. The below post is a reflection of my thinking lately.

That despite what I think about where I’m headed, I can shape this piece of clay and mould my own way.

He twisted it between his fingers. He didn’t think it would look like this. Maybe something ethereal, that moved like smoke and sparkled like a raindrop catching the pre-dawn light.

No, this heavy lump of blue-what-every-it-was, wasn’t his fate. What was he supposed to do with this?

“You mould it,” a voice came from behind him.

He turned and there was no-one there.

Mould it?

He pressed his thumb into the lump, and it sunk into it. It was pliable and warm to touch.

Mould it?

He rolled it around in his hands until it was a uniform ball, and it began to feel lighter.

Yes. He could mould his own fate.

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Photo by Dean Hochman via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

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