That time of year.

Wow! It’s been a while between posts. I’m at the end of a 6 month novel program and have been loving every minute of it! My poor blog has taken a backseat. A little something I wrote while waiting 45 minutes for a package at the post office. I was in a not very Chrismassy mood….

If you celebrate it – then Merry Christmas! If not, then Happy Holidays.

Her feet ached. Blistering pain stabbed through the balls of her shoes. Her calves were on fire, and she kept thinking just one more step.

Her hands were sweaty, the tight ligature marks stinging as she hauled up another load.

“Merry Christmas,” the lady said as she passed over the last of her Christmas shopping.

“Merry Christmas,” she said back automatically. Trying not to think about the pain in her body or the pain to her bank account.

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Photo by Maria Eklind via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

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