Mixing it up and posting a little later tonight. I’m completing a 6 month writing course on top of everything else. I must be mad! Excuse my tardiness.

This one made me tear up a little. Enjoy…

The photo albums were the last of her parents’ belongings that she still had to go through. Deb couldn’t bring herself to open them. She couldn’t bear to see their smiling faces so full of love and hope. The early days of their marriage.

She didn’t remember them looking at each other like that when she was growing up. They were always fighting, angry at how she was being raised, angry over money, over her school performance, even over the brand of milk the other had brought home.

But they stayed together. Familiarity maybe.

She picked up the nearest album. It hardly had any dust on it. There were no photos in it either.

Just a small piece of paper neatly folded under the transparent cellophane sheet. Deb peeled it back and uncurled it from the sticky backing paper.

It was in her Father’s rough cursive to her Mother.


Thank you for this wonderful life.

Love Jim.

It was dated a week before he died.


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Photo by RichardBH via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons


5 thoughts on “Perception.

  1. “They were always fighting,…But they stayed together.” These two lines jumped out at me in a good way. I love how it says a lot about their marriage. They may have had their difficulties, but they chose to stay together. Also, it was a great set-up for the note at the end. Very well done! 🙂

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