That’s the Stuff!

I developed an allergic reaction to Oysters when I was well into my 20s. Even though I love Oysters, I never ate them every day. Coffee though – I’m a 5-6 cups-a-day woman. I’m not sure how I would handle the below scenario. Enjoy!

The gurgle of the coffee machine was his alarm clock. It roused him even from the deepest sleep. It was the only thing that got him moving in the morning, the promise of the hot, bitter shot was better than any high he had ever known.

His sister told him that eight cups of coffee a day was too much, but it was his vice. He dressed in a blue suit, with a crisp white shirt, pairing it with a dark blue tie printed with light blue Cornflowers. He poured an extra shot in his keep cup and locked the door behind him.

His first sip was heaven.

He hit the garage remote controller and had another sip. His lips started to tingle. Odd, he thought but started reversing out of the garage. Then his body started itching like it was covered in lice. He started coughing his throat swelling up. His tongue thick in his mouth.

He wasn’t sure how he made it to the hospital, but he stumbled in the Emergency Department doors and collapsed in front of the Triage Nurse.

He woke up to a rhythmic beeping, his eyes heavy and his head pounding.

“Todd?” A hard squeeze on his hand, he turned his head, and his sister’s face filled his blurry vision. Her eyes rimmed red, and her nose blotchy.

“What happened?”

“You had an allergic reaction.”

“But I’m not allergic to anything.”

“Toddy. The Doctors think it’s the caffeine. The coffee almost killed you.”

“But I have it every day.”

A Doctor walked in, a chart in her hand. “You’re awake. Excellent.”

“Coffee?” he blurted out and tried to push himself up on his arms, but they were like jelly, and he collapsed back on the bed.

“It can happen. Most people have a sensitivity to caffeine, but in your case, you have developed an anaphylactic reaction to it. You have to stop consuming all caffeine products.”

“How am I supposed to do that?”

The doctor dropped the chart into a small box at the end of his bed. “You don’t have a choice. If you consume caffeine, you will die.”

He started crying.

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Photo by tsai Project via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

12 thoughts on “That’s the Stuff!

  1. Becoming allergic to something one is addicted to would be a nightmare! I don’t blame him for crying.
    I drink only one coffee a day on weekdays, and none on weekends. My vice is hard candies!


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