House H(a)unting

Enjoy this short paranormal piece for your morning.

It wasn’t the place, exactly. The house was beautiful, surreal almost. Cathedral ceilings and stone archways. A path bordered the exterior, it’s delicately laid cobblestones, now uneven, had weeds poking through, but she could feel the history, smell the age. There was something about this grand old home that made her wonder.

“Ah, excuse me. The previous owners. Why are they selling?”

The real estate agent stood beside the front doors his hand propping it open.

“No one has lived here for a very long time. It’s an inheritance deal, and the family lives overseas.” He shrugged. “They just want the money. ”

She breathed in deeply letting the musty air settle in her lungs, it wouldn’t be long now.

Then she saw them. Floating down the stairs, walking through the walls. Some whispering in the corners.

“Do you see them too?” She asked the agent.

He swallowed hard. “See what?”

“The patients? This was a mental institution, right? A home for the insane? A long time ago?”

The agent cleared his throat and eyed the front door sideways. “I don’t see anything, and yes in the early 1800s but I can assure you most of the house has been extensively knocked down and rebuilt.”

She traced the carved banister with her finger, wiping off the dust. “I know. There was a fire.” She smiled at the man in front of her.  One half of his body was melted and blistered, the bloody black skin was shrunken against his skull, wrapping it tightly.

“I just wanted the voices to stop,” he whispered.

She turned back to the agent. “Knock 100,000 off the price, and I’ll take it.”

“Done.” The agent said and rushed out through the door. The sharp daylight flooded in but they didn’t notice.

“I think we will be very happy here.” She brushed her fingers along the burnt man’s face. “Yes. Very happy.”

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Photo by Vincent_AF via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

11 thoughts on “House H(a)unting

  1. Ooh… this is so good, Lisa. I like the fact that she got the agent to knock 100,000 off the price due to its dark history, even though she was buying the house BECAUSE of it. She sounds like a fascinating character.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderfully creepy/eerie story! That last line gave me goosebumps, no kidding.

    On a side note: Great picture choice! That house looks like the kind of place that would have a full cemetery in the back yard AND along the sides of the house.

    Liked by 1 person

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