The Perfect Life.

A little melancholy story for your morning. Enjoy

My life is wonderful. The best. I’m healthy. I’m happy. I have everything I could ever want. I just started a new job; the pay is generous, and my colleagues are always so happy. I have a maid now; she cleans my house, and my chef brings me 5 meals a day. I don’t even have to ask for it. I never want it to change.

The maid waived from the window, and I told her to come back later, it was too late to clean. I turned off the light and snuggled in under the covers.

“How’s he doing, Nurse?”

She sighed and waved at the patient through the glass safety window that was set in the door.

“No improvement. The medication keeps him locked in his own mind. He thinks I’m his maid, and he doesn’t remember anything. Especially not… what happened to his family.”

The Doctor scribbled a note on the record. “He’s suffered major trauma. I doubt he will improve in the short term. This is his brain’s way of protecting itself. I’m going to increase his dosage for now.”

“Very good, Doctor. Do you think it would help if I brought a photo of his family?”

The Doctor clasped his hands together and peered inside the window. “Probably not just yet. Remembering they are all dead might cause a full psychotic break. Let’s wait and see.”

“It’s just so sad. Imagine losing everyone in a car accident, and you’re the only one to survive. I can’t even think about it.”

“Yes.” The Doctor moved so they could walk together back to the Nurse’s station. “He’s locked in a World where he is happy. I hope he stays there for a while. It’s better than his reality. Goodnight, Nurse.”

“Goodnight, Doctor.”

Photo by froshea via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons


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