I’m starting 2019 with reflection. I’m horrible at resolutions, so I’m going to look back and see what I’ve achieved to power me though this year.

Below is my very first blog post. Ever. All the way back in February 2016, which means this little blog is almost 3 years old! I never thought I would get this far and achieve what I have.

That Little Spark

Looking at the old post I see where I started. I was stuck and looking to branch out.

Things that have changed in my writing life since then:

  • I am published! A short story was published in the Scene and Heard Journal last year.
  • I have submitted short stories, novels and novellas to publishers and agents for consideration. This was a massive goal. Even though they have all passed, I’m proud that I got them out there. Each story I send the whole process gets easier.
  • I’m writing every day.
  • Publish blog content once a week (mostly…)
  • Now have a Mr 10 months to go with Miss 4 and the ever patient husband.
  • Still have a serious job – less creative – but no less enjoyable.

I wonder what will change in the next three years. I can’t wait to find out.

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Photo by WhatiMom via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons


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