The Siphon

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it is 2019! I say that every year, and one year I will actually believe it. Anyway! I got the idea for this short story when Miss 4, said she had to put rocks at the back door for the birds. After I explained that birds don’t need rocks, we still went and put them out. Enjoy.

The small stones in the bucket rattled and crunched together as I hauled them through the trees. The forest that boarded my property was usually full of deer, mountain lions and the occasional bear. But not this year.


This year was a leap year. The animals knew they shouldn’t be here this year. Maybe it was the dense hush that falls over with woods, or maybe it is the absence of them that made it so quiet. At least that’s what I try to tell myself. It wasn’t true.

The big animals, the predators knew it instinctively. There was something bigger and nastier then them lurking around this year. Just as all the leap years before it and all that would come after.

But it wasn’t the bears that frightened me. I would have loved for a mountain lion to jump from a tree. Not this year. This year it was the Siphon. My family had been feeding it for years. It only ate one thing. Rubies. Or it ate you.


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