The Eyes Have It

A little short story for your Wednesday. Enjoy

Joanie was an ordinary woman. She liked listening to pop on repeat. Her favourites were Britany Spears and Lady Gaga. Occasionally, she would bring out P!nk. She mostly stuck to her favourites though. She wore a uniform to work at the local supermarket, her hair pulled into a neat braid, and her shoes utilitarian. Black with a thick rubber sole. Perfect for standing on her feet all day. How did I know all this? Because Joanie was watching me. When she wasn’t at work, she was peering through her curtains, watching my house. She would stand at her letterbox and wait for me to come out and get into my car.

I would wave and say hello, but she would just stare at me, her face mottled red in fury, her hands clenched into fists by her side.

Until one day. Joanie was at my front door, but she wasn’t alone. A Police Officer was with her, a folder in her hands.

“Can I help you?” I said.

“Ms Charleston. This is a restraining order. You are not to enter the property of Ms Biviano, speak to her, or acknowledge her presence. You must stay a minimum of 300 feet away at all times, and if you are in your property not use means of looking into hers. Specifically, cameras, binoculars, or drones.”

I didn’t know what to say. “She was the one spying on me. I was only taking notes, and photos, and footage because she was always looking into my house, always waiting for me to get into my car.”

Joanie looked at the officer and shook her head. “See. I told you she would say that.”

When they left, I deadbolted the door, pulled the chain and went into my bedroom. The Restraining Order from the Officer forgotten on the floor. I opened my wardrobe and flicked on the monitors, all 37 of them reflected Joanie walking through her house, she went to the kitchen and made tea, then sat in the lounge room reading.

I drummed my fingers on the desk smiling. They hadn’t found the security cameras. I uploaded the feed directly into the chat room, and the members stated messaging her direct. One would pay $400 for a direct feed into Joanie’s shower for 1 day. Another wanted to watch her cook dinner – they would pay $100, and one wanted to watch her fold her laundry for $1000 for 7 days.

As she watched the transfers into her bank account, she chuckled. She would be gone soon, and Joanie would be none the wiser. But she would be rich.

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Photo by Javcon117* via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

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