Mirrored Reality

Just a small bit of fiction for Wednesday morning. Enjoy.

At first, it was a small glimpse. Something would be different when she looked in the mirror. A short hair she had tucked behind her ear would be out of place again, yet when she tried to tuck it back, it was still behind her ear. Or she would notice her mascara was blue instead of black, she could have sworn she put on black that morning, and she didn’t think she even owned blue mascara.

Then it was bigger things, blonde highlights in her mousy brown hair, maybe the sun had dyed them naturally, or perhaps it was her new shampoo.

Then things got really strange.

Her hair was in a ponytail one morning, but in the mirror it was down, floating around her shoulders. When she touched her head, the reflection didn’t move. When it did move, it was only to tilt her head and frown.

They both screamed at the same time, and then before she could run, her reflection said, “Hello.”

She turned back to the mirror and leaned in close. “Hi. What’s going on?”

“I don’t know. I’ve been noticing small changes to my appearance.” The woman in the mirror said.

“No. You mean my appearance? You’re my reflection.”

“No. You’re my reflection. Aren’t you?”

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Photo by Dalibor Tomic via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons


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