The Dark

Enjoy this little bit of fiction for your Wednesday. I hope the lights are on…

I never could sleep in the dark. I mean, most kids fear the dark, the monster in the wardrobe or under the bed. But I’m a twenty-year-old woman, and I should be able to handle switching out all the lights before I go to sleep. As Mum always said, it’s dark when you close your eyes.

But Mum never saw what I did.

She never saw what hid in the dark corners. The bleeding faces that had gouged their cheeks, long ribbons of skin hanging off and waving as they screamed, their mouths open wide.

She never saw the empty eye sockets, dribbling blood.

She never saw the hands that reached out to me, grabbing the end of my blankets and pulling them off.

She never saw them try and grab at my small body, to wrench me up by the ankle and leave me dangling.

She never saw the dead things, the rotting corpses staring at me.

But I did.

In the dark.

I saw them all.


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