The Emerald Ring

The rain fell in heavy sheets, soaking Lizzie to the bone until she couldn’t remember what it felt like to be dry. Her gum boots filled with the icy water, driving needles into her skin. The trapped water didn’t warm as she paced around, it just sloshed until her toes were numb and she was sure they had turned black.

He should be here by now, what an idiot she was to suggest they meet on an exposed hilltop, a cliff down one side to the raging ocean, and rolling green hills on the other side as far as her eyes could see. Which in this weather, wasn’t far enough.

She couldn’t see or hear him approach, this was stupid, and her Father had taught her better then this, he would be so disappointed.

“Hello?” A disembodied voice called out through the rain. The thunder roared over head as the rain fell harder, closing her in on all sides.

She tried to orient herself, the only noise louder than the rain and the wind was the heavy booming of the waves as they smashed against the bottom of the cliff. That was behind her, and he wasn’t there.

“Richard?” She called back hoping the wind carried her voice in a different direction then where she was standing, hopefully he would think she was somewhere else.

“Yes. It’s me. No one else would be bloody stupid enough to come out in this storm. Where are you?”

“Prove it’s you.”

“Proof? I think my stupidity in trekking out here without telling anyone where I was going and who I was meeting with is proof enough.” He edged into view huddled under a black rain coat, an umbrella in his hand was turned inside out, rendered useless by the wind.

She swallowed hard. “Do you know who killed, Dorothy?” There was no point putting it off now.


“Was it you, Richie?”

“No. I would never have hurt her. But I saw something that night.” He came closer, his eyes red rimmed and his nose ran in the cold, he wiped it on the back of the wet rain coat, smearing snot down the sleeve.

“What?” She walked backwards forcing him to follow.

“A flash of a ring, an emerald set in silver, weaved with gold. I’ve seen it before, I’m sure of it.”

She clenched her hand into a fist and hid it behind her back, the cold metal of her ring burning on her finger. She inched backwards again until her heel found the soft mud by the edge of the cliff.

“I’ve seen it before,” she said, as she beckoned him closer. His eyes lit up and he stumbled towards her.


“Here.” She held out her hand and his brow furrowed, confusion clouding his eyes. It was all the time she needed, she gripped the lapels of his raincoat and hauled him forward, tipping him off balance and shoved him hard over the edge of the cliff.

His last scream was drowned out by the howl of the storm and the roar of the sea.

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Photo via Flickr: Kurt Bauschardt, licensed under Creative Commons

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