A bit of a tongue in cheek look at society. Obviously all fiction. Enjoy.

So apparently, it’s not a good idea for demons to get drunk. I’m not talking about a little tipsy, I’m talking about rip roaring, falling over, slurring your speech drunk.

Why, you ask? Because what comes with infinite, dark power should not get stuck into the ceremonial wine.

This has been my experience anyway. I’m a keeper, I watch over those that lie between the Worlds. What? You thought Earth was the only World or realm out there? Really? Sometimes even I’m still stumped by the stupidity of humans. No. I’m not human, I’ve already said it.

I’m a Keeper. K-E-E-P-E-R. Got it?

Listen, I’m just here looking for my Litusana demon. She, as previously stated, got drunk and escaped. Yes, escaped. Pay attention. Anyway, I’m here on your World looking for her. Anything bad happen lately, like apocalypse bad? The last time a demon was let loose on earth Noah built an ark and put all the animals on it two by two.

Yeah, that wasn’t God and his cleansing of the Earth. That was a Hebrtika demon, a flood demon. God just told that poor sod Noah to build a boat and ostracise everyone in the process. Hebrtika thought it was hilarious. Death, destruction, and shit tons of water.

Therefore, you have beings like me to keep the demons in line. Sometimes it doesn’t work, I mean, after all they have infinite power and love chaos. They aren’t evil in a general sense, but if they can disrupt and cause dismay and that’s what they thrive off.

Anyway, I digress. Litusana? Seen her? About yay big, probably covered in green skin, unless she’s possessed someone. Then she’ll be near impossible to find.

Wait, wait. Who’s that on the television?

Turn it up.

What is a press conference? Who’s that guy with orange skin? Why is he saying the same thing repeatedly? Oh shit.

Never mind. I’ve found her.


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Photo by Nimish Gogi via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

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