New Life.

She stood on the platform with her suitcase. This was going to be a new beginning, she thought as she shoved her hands deep into her coat pockets. The heavy thing was a gift from her last boyfriend, the one she had just left sleeping in bed.

She couldn’t stay anymore. She was restless, a free spirit, she didn’t want to be tied down. When she woke up in the middle of the night she knew it was time to go. She packed her things quietly, wrote him a note and left.


The headlights on the train lit up the platform and the icy, still, air burned her lungs. Maybe somewhere warmer this time, somewhere near the beach.

Yes. The beach sounded wonderful. She settled in the carriage and watched the doors slide shut. Another end to a chapter of this life, a content one, a time she would look back on fondly while she was tackling her next adventure.

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Photo by Henry Burrows via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

21 thoughts on “New Life.

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  2. Great writing Lisa, as always. I always see the underlying satirical flavor to your writing, even when you are being serious and I think this creates multiple layers of story within a story that I find so intriguing. I can see a book coming out of all these flash fiction pieces as a book on its own. K D 🙂

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  3. There is something appealing about an endless series of adventures, but there’s something missing there too. I feel sorry for the guy too (especially since she characterizes their relationship as content). Great story, Lisa.

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  4. I like it. I feel bad for the guy but I also can understand her restless spirit. I think she’s searching for something and he wasn’t it. Poor guy.

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      • Yes for sure, maybe she hoped he’d change or hoped for more, than often happens and by the time a person realizes that’s never going to happen, they don’t act considerate. Perhaps flee as she did to make up for wasted time, forgetting feelings etc. of others. Have a great week 🙂

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