Into the forest.

The forest with its deep muted greens, the creamy browns and glossy blues was always my home. The smell of the damp leaves and the sounds of small creatures scurrying around, finding something to eat was relaxing. Their connection to nature, the Earth, was the same as mine.

It was essential that I spent time out here every day, just sitting, listening to the sounds of living. It had been that way since I was a child. My grandparents house backed onto the forest, and I would sit at the edge of their backyard and stare at the trees. Waiting for something, maybe. I like to think I just preferred the trees to people.

Today though, there was something different, something that didn’t belong in my forest. The footsteps were too heavy for a wolf, the sound of it’s breathing to deep for a moose, the way it cut a path through the trees was too big for a bear.

I should probably run back to my car, but I belonged here, it didn’t.

A black nose appeared first through the dense trees, it let out a snort. The hot air fanning the hair by my cheek. It pushed harder and a head, long and pointed forced the trees aside, their massive truncks snapping in half, with a resounding crack.

The green eyes of the monster stared down at me, and I knew I should be afraid, that this wasn’t normal and that my car was only around the corner. Instead, I got up from my fallen log and skirted around the head so I could see it all.

A long neck stretched down to a muscular body, green and blue iridescent scales glinted even though the sun didn’t reach through the canopy. Pressed against its giant body was a set of leather wings, the same mottled blue and green as its scales.


I moved carefully back to stare into its green eyes, and it leaned towards me.

“Hello Alana.” The dragon said into my mind. “You’ve been waiting a long time for me haven’t you?”

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Photo by Laddir Laddir via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons



10 thoughts on “Into the forest.

  1. Wow that’s the beginning of a fascinating story. I want to learn and read more. Wonderful descriptions of the forest and the dragon coming into view. I hope the dragon and her somehow understand each other and he doesn’t eat her. He sounds pretty terrifying!

    Liked by 1 person

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