Going through the motions

Her eyes ached and her arms felt like lead. The skin on her fingers where her pen had rested for the past three hours, was sweaty and a blister was forming, the fluid filling the swollen bubble.

She looked over the pages she had written for her final exam. If she passed this then she wouldn’t be the failure that everyone told her she would be. This degree would mean something to the world.

It’s a pity it meant nothing to her.

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Photo by Ryan McGilchrist via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons





11 thoughts on “Going through the motions

  1. Sad. I wonder if her parents would only pay for a certain degree and she hated it. I had one friend in high school from India. She was pretty but very smart. Her parents said if she did not get an engineering degree they would marry her off to some guy. She didn’t have a choice, b/c it was her only way to be able to choose her own life so she took engineering.

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