I’m very excited to share the below. This is going to be the basis for my next set of novels! I got a flash of this scene below about two years ago, and it’s only now that I almost have time to dedicate to it. Hope you enjoy it!

“I can’t believe I dragged your arse out of there. Do you have any idea what they’ll do if they find out that I brought a Chaser back with me?”

Samantha gripped the steering wheel until she was sure it as going to snap off in her hands. “Stupid, stupid, stupid,” she muttered under her breath, her teeth clenched so tight together that she was sure her jaw would snap in half.

The number one rule among her kind is that we don’t help Chasers, we run. We run before they kill us.

“If it makes you feel better,” the Chaser groaned in the back seat, his feet pressed against the window, his long body too big for the back of her Range Rover, “I’ll probably die before we get there. So, bonus for you.” He chuckled, and groaned as the bandage she had field dressed around his chest, turned a darker, shiny wet colour.

“Shut up, Chaser.”

She swerved around a kangaroo and hit her head on the roof of the car, shooting pain splintered down her spine and the Chaser yelled out.

“If you do actually want me dead. Just shoot me in the head, because your driving is terrible. And the name is Kane.”

She pulled the weapon from her thigh holster and levelled it at him, as she hit the brakes, the car skidded to a stop in front of a barbed with fence. A new sign was strung on the razor wire.

Trespassers will be eaten and then shot.

“Maybe I should.” She cocked the gun and he held his breath. His dark skin shiny in the car dash lights, his vivid sea green eyes calm and serene, the only sign of his pain was his laboured breathing and  for the amount of pain he was in, she was surprised that he was still conscious.

“Then do it. Because if we stay here I’m going to die slowly. Even when I Chase, I never let anyone suffer.”

She swallowed hard and levelled the weapon at his head, pressing the cool steel of the barrel against his forehead. “You are here because you saved my life.” She dragged the weapon down over his cheek and stuck it under his chin. “You try to hurt anyone inside this compound and I will use every ounce of training I have to prolong your death. I will not have mercy. Do you understand?”

She dug the weapon into his skin, forcing his neck back, shoving his head into the seat. His almost metallic  eyes met hers. “I vow upon my Chaser heritage that no harm will come to those you call kin.”

She exhaled slowly and hit a button on the dashboard. To the left, camouflaged by scrub and bush, was the entrance to an underground garage. She pulled in and prayed that they would listen to her before they tried to disembowel him or her.

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Photo by Joe Wolf  via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons


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