Power Hungry

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Last night I got power hungry. Not just a little bit either, I’m talking take over the World power hungry.

Last night my husband finished his edit on my urban fantasy manuscript. It’s probably the quickest he has ever edited a book. Which is fantastic! Because it means he loved it. Only problem now, is he wants the next one. He wants to know what happens, wants to know why a character did something and he wants to know if certain people are going to pull through.

He was talking about these characters like they lived on in his mind, he wants them to be okay, he wants them to triumph. As I sat at the dining room table, I noticed that this chapter had hardly any editing marks on it. This probably isn’t because I’m getting better at writing. I ask him. “So, ah, how was the structure, spelling mistakes and punctuation?”
He frowned and stabbed his finger on the chapter. “Who cares about spelling! Why does Azazel want to help them?”

I’m a little embarrassed to say that I didn’t care about the spelling right then either. As I listened to his questions I had a sense that I was on the right track. This man who is not a huge reader, but has edited everything I have ever written, including these blog posts, is standing in front of me demanding answers about fictional people.

How many times had I read a book and wondered what was going to happen next? When I finished the second Hunger Games book I about threw it across the room and then scoured the internet for interviews and clues about what was coming next.

I had prompted that reaction from him. I had become the gatekeeper of secrets and I felt a smug kind of satisfaction that his happiness or anger at this book was all squirreled away inside my mind. I felt like a noir villain, my fingers steepled together as I laughed manically. “Yes, you want to know what happens, mwahahaha.” Cue lighting and thunder.

I’m not putting myself up there with Suzanne Collins by any means, but it was sure nice to elicit that reaction from someone who has read my work so many times he could probably recite chapters in his sleep.

Am I the only one that gets a little power hungry over this?

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23 thoughts on “Power Hungry

  1. If we can’t take over the world around us, it’s nice to be able to take over the world inside us and make it real for someone else. Well done. When do you plan to have this obviously amazing work available for the rest of us to read? 🙂

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  2. Hello Lisa!
    This is such a lovely post. Firstly, to lean that you have a book you are writing… such a dream come true I imagine… and secondly, to discover your husband who you admitted doesn’t read a lot, is so intrigued by your current book in progress.
    I’d call that a win.
    Go you!
    A great read in your post, thank you 💐

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  3. Lisa you crack me up! Love this. Oh and I was so angry when I finished the 2nd Hunger Games that I told my husband (who had already read them) that if he didn’t tell me one VERY important thing I wouldn’t read the last one. I was really quite a baby about it but I swear I meant it! (Trying not to give away anything for those that have not read it. 😉 )

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  4. Lisa, my husband edits my writing too. But, he hasn’t yet asked me about a specific character. He only says, “when are you going to do the sequel – a step in the right direction, I suppose. Congratulations to you Lisa, as I patiently wait for the day… Karen 🙂

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