Westward Castle

This will most likely feature as a full length novel at some point. But with so much going on and 5 novels in varying stages of completion, this one will have to wait. It’s out there for the universe to see now. Enjoy.

The wet blades brushed against her ankles as she tip-toed through the long grass. Careful not to step in any of the mud that boarded the old stone castle, like it was reclaiming its rock, sucking it back into the Earth.

“Violet! Come back,” her Sister called from the other end of the yard, but Violet only just heard her. Her voice was a wispy thread, stolen by the dense fog that engulfed her as she crept closer to Westward Castle.

The soupy fog cocooned her in cotton air that sank into her bones, and filled her with a deep sense of peace. Violet knew she shouldn’t be here. Her Father forbid it ever since they were children, but once she turned seventeen she dreamt about the castle every night, it called to her, it was a pull that she didn’t understand.

Last night was the most vivid dream yet. The old castle was new and magnificent in the Spring light. The gardens were tended, hedges trimmed, rosebushes in full bloom, and great puffs of lavender in vivid purple bunches framed the cobblestone pathways. The windows weren’t hanging like cracked and broken teeth in their frames, they were shiny and the colourful lead stained glass made dancing patterns on the floor inside the castle.

She needed to be here, just as much as she needed air to breath. She reached out and skimmed her fingertips over the smooth worn stone on the front of the building and her entire body hummed. Like it was coming alive, she inhaled deeply and it was as sweet as the first breath of air she had ever taken.

“Violet!” Her sister called again, but she might as well had not been there at all.

“I have to…” Violet whispered into the thick air.

Her foot sunk into the soft earth and she twisted around, losing her balance, her arms pinwheeled trying to grab onto something, anything.

Two strong arms caught her, and the humming in her blood, in her soul, intensified.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for you, Violet.” It was him, and she knew in that moment, that she had been waiting for him too.

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Photo by Bernd Thaller via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons



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