Two become one.

As promised a little bit of fiction. It’s dark, and not what I expected to come out at 8am.

Sometimes I wonder if we’re all hurtling towards the end. Just going about our lives in peace and quiet until, bam! The metaphoric carpet is ripped out from under your feet, and you’re reminded that you were born, naked, stupid and alone and you will die naked, stupid and alone. At least that’s what I thought before I met Betty.

With her long black hair and crystal ice blue eyes, she changed the way I saw life. She showed me that I was merely existing, going through the motions of living, without having a life.

It was the way her eyes sparkled with such love and devotion, her commitment to another person, I just had to capture it. First, it was through photos when she wasn’t looking. Just going about her day, shopping, or washing the car. Sometimes when she was sleeping. She likes to sleep in a small cotton nightie, with pink hearts on it. I think she has about four sets of them, all in varying colours.

They were my favourite.

The night I took her she was wearing those pyjamas, she was such a small woman it was easy to knock her out and bundle her into my car. She lives inside me now, and I’ll always be grateful for the path she set me on. I can feel her bubbling under my skin, pushing to the surface to caress my insides with her grace. She forgave me, even after I ate her tongue, I knew she would forgive me.

After all, if she didn’t want to be a part of me, she shouldn’t have smiled the way she did.

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Photo by Alena Navarro- Whyte via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons


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