New Year’s Resolution


I’ve been thinking a lot about new year resolutions, as I’m sure many of you have at this time of year. No one ever makes mid-year resolutions, it’s always something that starts in January and is usually forgotten by the time Australia Day rolls around – in late January. Usually my resolutions involve eating well, exercising more and generally improving myself. Considering that hasn’t worked for the last 32 years, this year I’m going to try something new.

This is a writing blog, about my journey to finding my voice and my inner artist, so I thought about making some writing goals. Listing all the things I want to accomplish this year, including sending out my manuscripts for publisher consideration. But I’m probably going to do those things anyway, so it seems like the easy way out to list the things I’m going to do regardless of my resolutions.

Patience is my resolution for 2017. I’m going to be more patient. I have a real problem with waiting for things, and I’ve written about them at length Dive in! The pool is full of… er honey and Waiting. Waiting. More Waiting, I feel like I need to rush to get everything done, even if the work may be half assed, because no one’s going to read it, right? Wrong.

So, in 2017 I’m going to slow down and be patient with myself and the writing process. I’m going to accept the flow of ideas and write them down, only working on one thing at a time. This will reduce stress and produce a better quality of work.patience.gif

I’ll be more patient with the learning process. I’m the kind of person that needs to be a master of something straight away, and I don’t forgive myself when I make mistakes and I certainly don’t put them out there for everyone to see. They are a secret, something I pretend didn’t happen and for obvious reasons this is very bad practise. How can I learn from my mistakes if I don’t make them and don’t ask for help to improve my writing and myself? I simply can’t.

Instead of plunging headfirst into 2017 as is my usual style, I’m going to go calmly and with patience. I’m going to sneak in through the side door and learn about how to be patient even when everything feels like it’s bearing down and I need to go a million miles an hour. I’m going to be kind and forgiving with myself in all aspects of life, not just my writing.


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19 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. Fantastic! I find this very relatable. I am far more patient with others than I ever am with myself and my own work. I always think I should perfect everything I do on the first try, especially art. But it’s always best when I have the patience to slow down and really work on it. Give it my all. Best of luck with your resolution!

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  2. You can do it, Lisa! I consider myself a fairly patient person but we ALL experience those moments where we just cant be! You’re not alone with your goal and I have faith that you can learn a lot about yourself! I will be practicing patience as well; I think 2017 is going to have plenty of hurdles for me to have a need for patience! Good luck! 🙂

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  3. Hi Lisa, I think this is a great aim for the new year and much better than resolutions that we (or at least I) usually break anyway. Slow and steady always wins the race, even if it takes a bit longer. Hope you have a wonderful 2017. Cheers! 😊

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