The writing year that was…


It was my birthday at the end of November. I turned another year older, but the year that was has been a little different from all the previous ones. It was for my birthday last year that my husband bought me a spot in a two-day writing course at the Australian Writer’s Centre, run by the brilliant Pamela Freeman.

This kicked off my year of solid writing. Yep, writing every day, no matter what was happening. Even if it was character names on the back of an envelope, these blog posts or just ideas. I did it every single day.

Since my last birthday, I have completed 3 novel length works and a fourth is almost creative-writingcomplete. I’ve submitted short stories to competitions and journals. In fact, last week I received my first official rejection email from a journal. I created this terrifying blog page and have met some wonderful and inspirational people, who are more talented than I could ever dream to be.

I’ve pushed my boundaries and challenged myself to be brave. To connect with people and to put my work out there to be read, no matter how much I want to vomit before I hit the send button. It’s getting easier, the sharing process, the more I do it the less I care about being critiqued. Sure, I still care, but it’s not the end of the world if someone doesn’t like what I’ve written. It’s mine, for me and no one else, but if people love it well then, that’s even better. You can’t please everyone all the time, can you?

My writing style has changed too. My first trilogy was written in the first person and as I’m editing it, I realise how much richness is lost when compared in writing in the third person. In some ways, it’s easier to tell the story when you are in the mind of more than one character. Although, the stories written in the first person are effective because you only see the main character struggles, it’s their story and in the romance genre it’s very common. So, I can see both sides, and I have become more flexible.flexible

I’m still coming to terms with the title ‘writer.’ I feel uncomfortable with it. Like I’m a fraud, masquerading as a writer. I’m also uncomfortable with the label ‘artist.’ I’m not one of those either. I’m just someone who writes and creates. I know this is all semantics, but the reason I made the name of my blog Lisa Lancaster Writer is more to prove to myself that I can do it.

For now, I’ll carry on and see where else this year takes me.

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14 thoughts on “The writing year that was…

  1. Congrats on accomplishing so much this year! Here’s hoping that the coming year will be even better. 🙂 “I’m just someone who writes and creates.” That would make you a writer. Knit yourself a “I am a writer.” sweater and wear it with pride.

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