Writing – My way.

Writer’s process. I’ve read about some doozies when I was seriously thinking about this writing malarkey. How writers, write. Besides the obvious of just sitting down and doing it. How do they get the words in their head down on to paper?


Maya Angelou rented a hotel room and paid by the month. Susan Sontag writes with a pad and pen because she prefers the slowness of writing by hand. Stephen King writes 10 pages a day. Vladimir Nabokov wrote standing up, and all on index cards.

I’m not the type of writer that sits down and goes, right, story ideas come to me, and I’m sure this isn’t what happens to most writers. Other than those that write to make actual money. I get my ideas from the world around me, and usually while I’m not sitting and waiting for an idea. They pop up at inconvenient times and I jot down the idea. It could be for a current manuscript, a blog post or a new idea or character all together.

I also don’t write in order from start to finish. I know that this might seem odd to some of you, but I get flashes of a chapter, or entire scene and write that down. landsburyThe chapter plays in my head like a movie, I can see every detail, every facial expression, smell the things my character does, feel it, see it, live it. Sometimes it plays faster than I can type and all I can say is thank goodness for spell check, because after one of those episodes, I have red and blue squiggly lines everywhere.
Usually at that stage I’m writing in a note book. I like my first draft to go down on paper. It takes a lot more time, because I have to slow down my hand so I can read my scribble, and it adds an extra step of having to type it into my laptop. But it’s how I work, I’m more inspired by a virgin notepad and a pen then the keys on my laptop. I don’t know, it just seems too utilitarian to be creative on. Maybe I need a colourful one?

Once I have my big events or even the small nuanced scenes that come to me, I fill in the blanks, working from start to finish and linking the scene together. I never thought this was strange until a friend of mine looked at me like I had 45 heads, and was breathing fire. Hey, it works for me and that’s what counts.
Added benefit is that when I’m transcribing it into my laptop, I sometimes look at what I’ve written and wonder – What the hell was I thinking? – and then I can change the chapter or text or even a character. It’s rewriting parts of the book as I’m typing it up. I like that part, so I think I’ll keep the extra month or so it takes for me to do that.

For those of you out there that write anything, in any medium, how do you see it taking shape? Is it a movie, like me or something else?
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13 thoughts on “Writing – My way.

  1. It’s like a movie where I’m missing huge chunks of it. Writing it out of sequence is what I’ve started doing, but it scares me! So much so that the novel has taken a back seat and I tried a short story recently to see if I could make more progress on something less ambitious. But I ended up writing a short story that progressed backwards in time and now need to rewrite/expand on it because it’s different to how I initially intended.

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    • I can only write out of sequence. It’s not intentional. My mind just jumps around to the big events. I get those down and fill in the blanks.
      There is no one right way to write. Just your way. Less ambitious? A short story for me is my sticking point. I’ll take the full length novel anyway. Short stories scare me. lol Your short story sounds fascinating!

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  2. Hello Lisa!
    That graph depicts my writing style to a T! lol It’s like I have to gather all my thought and ideas together in my head first. For example, I’ll tell my husband I’m going to write. When he comes to check on me, I may be lying in my bed or just staring off into space. He’ll say, “I thought you were going to write?” I say, “I am. This may not look like writing to you by I have to write it in my head first!” 🙂 And then I’m on social media and doing all kinds of research first. Gathering all types of detail! Until I participated in my first Nanowrimo last year. Man! I didn’t have any time for any of that let alone research. It was strictly writing for me and a lot of pen to pad and then transcribing it all into the computer and even a bit of rewriting that way. It was great!

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  3. Gaah! I was re-reading your post and trying to focus my thoughts on how I wanted to reply, but Angela Lansbury’s devoted munching kept distracting me. I just kept seeing her out of the corner of my eye, just munching down on that…popcorn? I think it’s popcorn. She’s just eating it so dog-gone fast. It’s crazy and kind of hypnotic. 😆

    With my Ambrose and Elsie stories, I write them almost exclusively on the computer. Unless I get an awesome idea when I’m at work (and no one’s looking). It somehow helps me get into the right mindset. I will say that there have been some parts of that story where I can see it in my head and hear the characters’ voices and I just can’t seem to type fast enough.

    I have another story, an off-line story, that I write first in notebooks and then transcribe them into the computer. Of course, the trick with that is trying to write it all down word for word, with the thought of polishing it up later. My inner critic doesn’t always like the idea of polishing it up later.

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