Get That Writing Feeling!

This is a bit of an abstract post. I want to talk about physical manifestations of excitement when writing.


In particular, I want to talk about fizzing and tingling. I told you this was going to be abstract.

I get this feeling several times when I’m writing, it’s the same feeling I get when I’m reading a book that I’m so engrossed in and it all comes together, or a huge twist happens and slaps you right across the face. That stunned and excited feeling for me, is represented in a fizzing in my chest and a tingling in my scalp and down the back of my neck.

Before you tell me that I should get checked out by a Doctor, I’ll tell you why I love it. This physical and visceral reaction happens when I’m on the right track. I could get a new idea for a book. The little bubbles pop in my chest as I think about the idea, it gets more intense as I jot down plot point, events and characters, or just the brief outline. tomThe tingling starts at the top of my head and moves down my neck, like long fingernails on my scalp. Then I stop take a breath and marvel at my greatness. No, usually I just hug the notepad to my chest and have a stupid grin plastered on my face.

I get this feeling too when I’m in the middle of writing and something jumps out at me, something I had been worrying about not coming together just slots into place. Or something I haven’t even thought of that will propel the story forward or ties up a loose end. I get the fizzing and tingling sensation. It’s not unlike when I’m scared and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, it almost exactly the same feeling, but without the need to pee my pants, well sometimes.

I just find it interesting that my body has such a strong reaction to writing, to ideas. Maybe it’s the universe’s way of telling me that I’m on track and to keep going. That maybe this scene might help someone if they read it, or inspire other people. I don’t know, but I love that feeling and I hope I never lose it.

Do you experience anything similar when you are creating? In any medium, do you write a poem or paint a picture and think – Wow. I’m pretty awesome.

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23 thoughts on “Get That Writing Feeling!

  1. “Or something I haven’t even thought of that will propel the story forward or ties up a loose end.” When that happens to me, I get like an electric feeling of “Ohh! Of course! I need to write this all down right away!” Then, I feel all glowy and smug for figuring out that plot point.

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  2. I get churned up so much I tend to need the loo which stops proceedings but the reason is a good one lol. Not for poetry but longer writes and I get bit hyper – grab a pen/ drop it or do I want to type till me nails bleed, or scribble. But I don’t know what to do first: grab a coffee, get comfy, make sure things around me are tidy; all sorts run amok till I stop and probably breathe.

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