Creativity in Everyday Life.

I like to think that I’ve got it together. I have my days packed and I’m busy from the time I wake up at 5am to the time I fall asleep at about 10pm. I work full time in a non-writing job and I have Miss 2 running around the place. I was asked recently how I do it? Not the scheduling, but how after a busy day, do I get in the mindset of being creative.


I’ve never really thought about this process before. I just do it. Yes, I know very technical and not really great advice. So I spent a few days, alright weeks, trying to pin point what it is that lets me be creative when my head is filled with other pressing non creative issues.

Just a disclaimer, I’m not a professional creative person or a doctor and all advice is at your own risk.

trust-meFor me, being creative is my outlet. Some people exercise or dance, or paint or drink. I write. It’s not always very good writing, but not good is better than nothing.

For instance, I spent the day in meetings that were very productive and occasionally stressful. And now I’m on the train on the way home from work, an hour late. Now, I could sit here and work on emails for tomorrow, I could edit that report I know will be waiting for me in the morning. But I don’t. Because I choose to use this hour commute home to write this blog post. To get my mind moving in the opposite direction from analytical driven work. Getting my creative juices flowing is the break I need to get into ‘home’ mode.

Like I said, some people go for a run or stop in at the pub. Me? I’m sitting here shoulder to shoulder with other commuters tapping away on my keyboard. Sometimes I write my blog posts, sometimes I’m editing directly on my laptop, sometimes I’m scribbling away in my note pad and sometimes I read. But I make a decision to do something creative regardless of anything else that’s going on in my life. I make it a priority.

Even when I don’t feel creative, I just do it. Sometimes my best work happens when I’m not in the mood. I start and then I can’t stop, the juices are flowing and I take advantage of it when I can. The advantage of this is, late tonight when I’m working on a novel, I have primed my brain to want to write. This commute is the foreplay for the magic that happens later, if you will.


Parting advice. Just bloody write.

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21 thoughts on “Creativity in Everyday Life.

  1. Great post! I write for the same reasons – an outlet. The process of writing helps me with my job to craft narrative around data points. It also helps me to pay attention to the world I’m normally just walking through and ignoring because I have work, home, or kids things to think about. Thanks for sharing. For the record I don’t think I’m in the category of writer or author. I just write down some thoughts, experiment a bit, and hopefully tell an entertaining story here and there.

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    • Thank you! You don’t consider yourself a writer? Buddy, you are more a writer then I am. Your work is downright brilliant, engaging and you have a way with visuals that’s hard to beat.
      I like that – pay attention to the world around you. It sure does, I like noticing things that others take for granted.

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      • Thank you for the compliments Lisa. To be a writer or author, I’d need to dedicate some time to learning the rules of the game, study them, and practice them like you are doing. Now, you have talent and the fundamentals. If I have some talent, that’s all it is right now. And I’m good with that for now. At some point, I’m gonna have to decide to learn the fundamentals of the craft in order to create some good, maybe great writing. But I definitely appreciate the compliments.


  2. Good for you, Lisa. Waiting for the mood to take me was my biggest fail for a long time. As well as ‘I’m too tired after a full day at work’, and for the last near six years “I’ve got kids now.” I wrote most days in my lunch and try and find some time after the kids have gone to bed.

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  3. I love the caption on that last picture. It cracks me up (either because I’m tired or I just have a weird sense of humor).

    Next time anyone asks you how do you get into the creative mindset after a busy day, just tell them that you must do it because Tank Top Guy believes in you. 😀 Make them wonder. 😆

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