Where do you do it?

In the last six months or so I have committed to this writing business. Plugging away on my laptop or scribbling away on one of my numerous notepads. It made me think about where I write and where other people write. Even if it’s just planning and writing your blog posts (If you can write your posts on the fly, then I salute you!)


When I’m procrastinating and lost in the swirling hell dimension that is Pinterest, I look at my dream writing spaces. (I have an entire Board for them, feel free to go and Pin some.)  In theory I love a minimalist desk in front of an amazing view, maybe there’s a hanging plant draped over the desk, suspended in a copper and glass pot. Or it’s a little nook surrounded by books with an overstuffed chair and ornate desk. A Tiffany lamp illuminating beautiful stationary.

But does anyone actually get any writing done on these things?

  1. Where’s the power point for my laptop?
  2. When I water the plant it’s going to leak all over the previously mentioned laptop
  3. I would forever be cleaning it so as to not mess up the minimalist style. So no writing done there.


At home I write on the dining room table. I’m next to the kitchen for important writing nourishment, which is usually hot tea and occasionally some Tim Tams. (Okay, always Tim Tams!) I have a power point for my laptop and plenty of space to layout my scribble – I mean research *cough*, because it seats 10 people comfortably. I basically sit at a table straight out of Game of Thrones. I have good lighting, well not at the moment because the lights keep on flickering – maybe we have a ghost. That would be exciting! Anyway, good lighting – mostly and a comfortable chair. This is where I write after Miss 2 has gone to bed and I can get a solid two hours before I face plant on the keyboard.

I write on the train to and from work. Sydney trains are actually a pretty good place to write. Mostly quiet, I sometimes play classical music if it’s a bit rowdy, the journey is pretty steady and if I pop my hand bag on my lap, it is exactly the right height to scribble in my notepad. The same flickering lights make it feel homey.

I write during lunch (when I can get away)  in a small library near Chinatown. It’s on the second story of a Haymarketbeautiful old sandstone building. It has single desks, power points and mismatched chairs scattered around. I sit in front of a window that looks onto a big tree and all I see is light filtering through the leaves. It’s a pretty special place to write. It’s also solid writing time, because no phones in the library.

I do dream about spending a weekend holed up in a hotel room just writing. I would wear my pajamas and become a hermit for 48 hours. It wouldn’t even need to be far, just around the corner from home would do. As long as it had a desk and Wi-Fi, I would be all set – oh, and room service. It just seems so indulgent. So family take note – my birthday is 6 months away!

In the Sydney CBD we have the State Library. It’s a huge building that has a reverence about it when you walk in. I’ve only been inside on my lunch break and it’s like you can feel the creative juices flowing as soon as you step inside. It’s almost as if the other books are calling to you, whispering encouragement. I know if I take a day and spend it in there, then I would be guaranteed to accomplish something.

State Library

So where do you write? It can be anywhere. Also, where do you want to write? The weirder the better?

I actually would love to write on a yacht, out in the middle of a bay, with literally no one else around. I read somewhere that Virginia Woolf would write in a storage room in her basement, sitting  in a comfortable armchair with her paper and pen.

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40 thoughts on “Where do you do it?

  1. Firstly, I love Tim Tams Lisa!! I visited Sydney a few times recently.
    Thank you for this post …. I usually write at my dining room table. Just helps me to stay in my solid foundation, at least for right now. Love all your places to write, and blessings your way. ❤

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  2. I’ve been taking my laptop/ iPad with me to work and writing in my lunch break, usually in the coffee shop across the road, but sometimes on a park bench when it’s not raining. I figure I need a six figure advance just to cover all these moch-frappa-lattes that are fuelling it all 😜

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  3. I write on my laptop in the kitchen or in the lounge room … nothing too exciting there. I get loads of ideas when I’m in bed and have to scribble furiously to keep thoughts from escaping.


  4. I write on my iPhone and iPad sometimes in bed or on my settee. Often I used to get ideas whilst in the shower which a bit of a nuisance as I can’t write then and there. Later I forgot what came to mind lol.

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  5. I love this blog post title- lol! You got my attention 😉

    I’m not nearly as exciting as you as I write from a cubicle at work. Basically in a basement with no windows. Your writing environment sounds almost romantic to me!!!! I need to get out and write, it never even occurred to me to be alone with my thoughts – seriously. My writing would probably be so much better. I’m going to do it this weekend!!!!!!!

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    • Did you think I was writing about sex?? lol! Maybe writing was just a euphemism? I would like to be able to write at work but I just don’t have the time, also it’s a little against the fair use policy for the interwebs.

      I suppose it is romantic until the guy behind you on the train decides to sneeze down the back of your neck. True story. Although the libraries are awesome. I’m too distracted at home and that’s why I like getting out. There’s always something else to be done instead of writing.

      Your writing is brilliant anyway, it would be scary if you got better. Maybe give it a shot. You might hate it? Well, I hope not.

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  6. I’m not writing long haul stuff at the moment, so it is easier for me to get up, grab a coffee and throw a window open in my kitchen and write…something. The window is on my laptop – always here always plugged in and ready. I do resort to scribbled on pieces of paper in bed if I think I can’t hold something until the next morning – I always surprise myself when I can, and did for the most part. The lappy is the hub I go back and forth from, and from a few lines to carrying on with a casserole, a delectable that fell from somewhere (honest) or the mad dog’s mad half hour. I like writing with the lights off and just the cooker hood lit and type. I am right next to my garden and it is cosy. If I happen to drift off to Candy Crush then I don’t have to go far for tha1!

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    • Wow Anita! That sounds wonderful. You’ve basically incorporated writing into the everyday. Whereas I have to wait for a fortuitous set of events to occur before I can open my laptop. Writing in almost darkness sounds nice. I might try that with some editing tonight.

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  7. If I want to sit when I write, I sit at my dining room table where my laptop lives, always plugged in, right next to my Bernina sewing machine, which replaces my laptop when I turn to sewing for my livelihood. If I want to stand, I transfer my laptop to the kitchen counter (right next to the coffee maker), plug the laptop in, and carry on writing. Nothing weird or out of GoT, but eminently workable.

    Where would I like to be writing? In a cabin in Switzerland overlooking a sweeping view of the Alps. Or on a cliff in Haleakala on Maui overlooking the Pacific.

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      • I believe my productivity is the same, sitting or standing, but my body thanks me for standing. My livelihood is sewing, and I can’t sew standing up, so I spend entirely too much time sitting. I had to find a way to spend less time on my rear. The kitchen counters are 36-1/2″ above the floor — the perfect height for me to write at, considering where my elbows are. 😉

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