Hey you! Come procrastinate with me!

Disclaimer:  If you’re reading this blog you’re probably wondering what the point of it is? Well, there isn’t one and I’m sorry about that. I’m procrastinating. It’s a perfect time to write this blog because I am procrastinating about writing about procrastination. I’m at my desk and have just devoured a whole plate of baklava and coffee and now I’m buzzed on sugar and sweet black caffeine and I don’t want to write.


I’ll just rest for a little…

Usually, sugar and furious writing go hand in hand. I can type off chapters without thinking about it. Then I have days like this. My arms are heavy, my mind’s fuzzy and all I can manage is this measly blog post. I have so much I should be working on. Two manuscripts that need a third and second edit respectively. A short story to type up for submission journal/s – well it needs to be finished first – so I should probably do that too. Eh, so much thinking. My brain hurts.

I used to be a useful procrastinator. I had to be. Not that long ago I was doing my degree part time and working full time. Instead of research and writing assignments I would find things to do. Useful things. Like cleaning the house, doing laundry, washing the cats, gardening or even ironing. I hate ironing. Put it this way, I would rather clean 1000 public toilets than iron clothes. This hatred is so extreme that when I’m buying new clothes I check if they wrinkle and need to be ironed, and if they do then I just won’t buy them.

Now I have grown into the category of lazy procrastinator. I would literally prefer to stare


at a wall then have to do anything when I’m in this mood. I’m writing this post so I can avoid writing other stuff. But I am forcing myself to put little black shapes on this white screen because this is the only way to get my butt into gear. Once I start typing I can’t stop, you see, I know this. I know that if I start working I will keep on going until my fingers cramp up. And rationally I know that’s why I have been avoiding writing because I don’t want to keep on going. But this stuff isn’t going to write itself.
I should point out that before starting this absolutely endless and pointless blog post I have spent a number of hours on WordPress (reading some fabulous work from people who are much more talented then me!), Facebook, Instagram and browsed the time-sucking-hell-hole that is Pinterest.

Copper pot

Look at it! It’s so pretty!

None of it is relevant to what I am going to write after this post, I could say that it was ‘research’ but who am I kidding? Pinning copper home wares or easy 5 minute hairstyles has nothing to do with a sci-fi fantasy short story.

I’m not actually sure if I will put this up for public viewing. But procrastinators unite. You are not alone!

I’m off to get some writing done. Maybe. I might nap first.

What do you do when you procrastinate? I like staring at walls. 

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Photo by ffaalumni  via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons
Photo by Andrew Malone via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons
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47 thoughts on “Hey you! Come procrastinate with me!

  1. This is very reassuring! 😄 I’m often one to procrastinate despite my love of writing. I think it’s actually commiting to the hour or two of writing which is so daunting!
    I often procrastinate by playing video games,or by watching Youtube videos about those same games! My partner often frequents Pinterest, but I’ve avoided it so far. Great post! 😄 Although I ought to be writing something…

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    • Thank you and I’m so glad it gave you a giggle!! I can’t believe how many people like doing it! I’m with you, but I haven’t thrown the board out yet. I might just have to do that next week!!


  2. I’m procrastinating right now too reading this instead of coming up with a poem for today’s NapoWriMo challenge and working on a short story. I gotta say I’ve had a good chuckle at the post and some of the comments. Washing cats!? 😀

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  3. Lol. I’m not a heavy procrastinator at all. But, when I am in the mood to procrastinate, I read, watch cartoons, or run errands to keep me from doing the things I should be doing.

    This is funny, gave me a chuckle.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahhh, this makes me feel like I’m not alone. When my life was in high gear with full-time grad school, part-time work, and a life, I sometimes procrastinated by making pretend To-Do lists for my own amusement, taking photos of them, and posting them on my social media. Things like:

    Sip Coffee
    Pet Puppy
    Look at Blank Screen
    Use Bathroom
    Look at Blank Screen
    Sip Coffee

    Because, somehow, I knew I’d eventually get bored enough of looking at Facebook that I’d finally begin my research and do my work. But it could take two hours. Yikes!

    Hope your mind clears up and that ya feel motivated to do your work!

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